UN committee passes resolution – Jazz is the 7th official language

Full length video transcript of UN Finding Carlton , goto 07:30 for India’s Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, and 19:50 for US Ambassador Rosemary Di Carlo’s comments, your filmmaker at 24:20 , Ambassador Ulibarri seconds the motion at 33:45 and Grace Kelly speaks sax at 42:00

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Piano Demon – The Teddy Weatherford Story

Sometime last August, while in Calcutta, we heard that a New York based writer was working on a project on Teddy Weatherford. His research assistant had located Weatherford’s grave in Park Street Cemetery and had contacted us via Carlton Kitto in the hope that we might have answers to some riddling questions relating to the “Godfather of Indian Jazz”.. Why we would not want to get in touch ? !!

This week sees the release of Brendan’s e-book on Teddy Weatherford,

Piano Demon

available exclusively through the Atavist on Kindle, via Amazon, as well as on iPad and iPhone!

Brendan has been a good friend to this project and we appreciate it. His research is meticulous and thorough and his writing tells the tale of a contender to Earl “Fatha” Hine’s stride piano prowess, … born in West Virginia, developed legendary piano chops in Chicago..and went on to march with the saints whils’t gigging in Calcutta !

While Brendan tells a good tale, indeed, we couldn’t resist celebrating his book with the accompanying Video which includes a rare first hand account of Teddy…. Has anybody else seen Mr. Weatherford ?

Narrating the story are, in order of appearance, Ajoy Ray (Kolkata), Jehangir Dalal (Mumbai), Dan Morgenstern (Newark), Naresh Fernandes (Mumbai), Louiz Banks (Mumbai) and our eyewitness, the last of Calcutta’s Big Band crooners !

Special thanks to Jenny Legget, the daughter of Cedric West, for photo..And the Oberoi Grand, Calcutta for their gracious co-operation.

The talented Mr. Bockelman !

Thanks to the supremely patient and talented Matt Bockelman, filmmaker, cinematographer and sound engineer-in-one we were able to film at

The Institute of Jazz Studies

and additional footage in Brooklyn.

We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to have Matt find time for us (at short notice , less than 24 hours in one case!) and add his talents to that of Mukul Kishore and Suresh Rajamani …His footage will greatly enhance the film !

We met Matt through Sunil at Chrysalis Films, Mumbai..where Matt worked on his documentary about an extraordinary community in Ahmedabad that kept the peace while communal riots raged around them..

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Mystery Recording with Teddy Weatherford

Yesterday I made new friends of the film at the renowned  Institute  of Jazz Studies


Dan Morgenstern (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Morgenstern). Ed Berger and others viewed the trailer and provided some amazing archival material including Downbeat magazine from 1945 and 1946 that referenced the jazz scene in Calcutta !

Dan produced a rare 78 recording, on the Columbia label, made by the Gramophone Company of India, in Dum Dum , Calcutta. He believes that this was recorded by Teddy Weatherford in India and features a “hot Trumpet player”.. .

The mystery lies in that the label is what the Institute thought was an Indian language, but it does not appear to be one.  Is it Burmese ? we think its Thai .. can anyone translate it ?  What is interesting is that in the 1940’s the old Gramophone company of India was releasing Jazz in language labels other than English !.. The archivist Tad Hershorn at the Institute showed me late ’30’s jazz ’78 rpm pressings from India including one featuring the hottest French tenor sax player of the time Alix Combelle !

Can any one translate the label for the Institute ? Dan and his associates would be most grateful .