Mystery Recording with Teddy Weatherford

Yesterday I made new friends of the film at the renowned  Institute  of Jazz Studies

Dan Morgenstern ( Ed Berger and others viewed the trailer and provided some amazing archival material including Downbeat magazine from 1945 and 1946 that referenced the jazz scene in Calcutta !

Dan produced a rare 78 recording, on the Columbia label, made by the Gramophone Company of India, in Dum Dum , Calcutta. He believes that this was recorded by Teddy Weatherford in India and features a “hot Trumpet player”.. .

The mystery lies in that the label is what the Institute thought was an Indian language, but it does not appear to be one.  Is it Burmese ? we think its Thai .. can anyone translate it ?  What is interesting is that in the 1940’s the old Gramophone company of India was releasing Jazz in language labels other than English !.. The archivist Tad Hershorn at the Institute showed me late ’30’s jazz ’78 rpm pressings from India including one featuring the hottest French tenor sax player of the time Alix Combelle !

Can any one translate the label for the Institute ? Dan and his associates would be most grateful .

3 thoughts on “Mystery Recording with Teddy Weatherford

  1. Hello,

    It’s always interesting to see obscure recordings referenced as most often those examples of recorded jazz which fall outside the mainstream (and especially recordings made outside the U.S. or Europe) are not well documented and are rarely discussed in any detail.

    With regard to the “mystery recording with Teddy Weatherford” I can confirm that the language on the label is Thai (but I don’t read Thai so can’t translate the titles are artist credits). Despite stating “Made in India” on the label this means the disc was manufactured in India NOT that the recordings were made there.

    The record you mention (Columbia GET-100) was made in Bangkok in the 1950s long after Teddy had died so it definitely does not feature Teddy Weatherford.

    Even though the record has matrix numbers in the Indian series and the records were manufactured there, these recordings were definitely made in Thailand.

    In the period from at least as early as the 1920s and up to the 1960s India produced a lot of records of all kinds which for export to other parts of the region including Burma, Malaya, Singapore, the East Indies… and even Thailand… All these recordings were made locally in Burma, Thailand and so on but the masters were sent to India for processing (where they were allocated numbers in the local series) because at that time EMI had no record factories in South East Asia. After the discs were pressed in India they were exported back to the country of origin (Burma, Malaya, Thailand or wherever) for distribution.

    Such records were never sold in India as obviously few people there spoke Thai (or Malay or Chinese, etc.) and despite having been manufactured in India it is a mistake to assume that all records which state “Made in India” (or the equivalent) on the label were recorded there.

    I spend a lot of time in South East Asia (mainly Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia) and it’s very common to see records which were manufactured in India but recorded in the local languages for sale in that region.

    I have many records in the Columbia “GET” series and are all Thai recordings. Many of these records feature excellent jazz-oriented orchestras and some have good solos. It’s obvious that there were fine musicians working in Bangkok who could play in the jazz style if they were required to do so… but Teddy Weatherford is NOT on any of these records.

    I hope these comments clarify things in relation to the “mystery” disc.

    Regards, Ross

    • And finally an insight into the this mystery recording:

      Subject: Fw: Re: [New post] Mystery Recording with Teddy Weatherford
      Date: Wednesday, 19 May, 2010, 2:48 PM

      Hey Susheel, doin good I hope? ok, on this label translation bit, has anyone / you heard the recording?

      Got my friend Ram to do the translation (it’s in Thai) and according to him the first line reads “Slow foxtrot rock” (can’t figure this combo out) next line the artists “Cheval & Vinay” third line music by (producer?) Soontraphon.

      Leave you guys to figure out ‘Hot trumpet player’ Teddy Weatherford’s participation in this 78 recording (a / solo’s??) cheers and let me know when you find out, you’ve sown the ?? bug in me!!!

      Peace V


    • Can’t translate that mystery disc label, but I do have a couple of old 78’s of my Dad’s. He played clarinet on Teddy Weatherford recordings which were definitely made in India. And on the Colombia label too. In fact, I found this page when searching for information about Teddy. Cheers!

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