Bombay and Jazz – A documentary 1992

When we started on this film project we became aware that the BBC had filmed a documentary on jazz in Bombay in one that we met in Bombay remembered seeing the video … the search was on..

We came across a letter from an H.O. Nazareth , a London based film maker..who appeared to be the filmmaker..the letter referenced Penumbra Films and the BBC as other involved parties.. various attempts to contact the production company directly , including a wild goose chase in well as through the BBC wall of ‘sorry can’t help you, try so and so” turned up we put it down in the ” would have, should have, wanted to, didn’t happen’ list…

And this morning, Google in its infinite wisdom turned up a link to part I of the six parts of the documentary – Rhythms of the World – Bombay and Jazz ..In addition to the greats – L. Shankar and Don Cherry …familiar faces showed up..including some friends who participated in our film..(Part 3 – Micky Correa ..and Niranjan Part 4, and also the Sangam band,Braz, Louiz, Ranjit, and in part 5 Sandhya Sanjana)

For whatever reason, its taken many years for this to surface..but its out there and thats all that matters..and makes us wonder whether the fate of jazz documentaries is to roam invisibly across the vaults of production houses (or the BBC?), until some mysterious time, when they appear…

Regardless, we thought it worth sharing this and you go. in six parts ..links to You Tube..a lovely insight from almost 20 years ago !! AND THE MUSIC IS AS FRESH AS EVER…


6 thoughts on “Bombay and Jazz – A documentary 1992

  1. To Mr Susheel Kurien
    Dear Susheel,
    Apart from the rich Jazz recollections contained, your dedication to immortalising these gems needs to be communicated to all Jazz lovers in Bombay and India. So I am forwarding this mail to persons I am in touch with.
    But I could not access ELLINGTON IN INDIA Can you resend please ??
    Gordon Rodricks

  2. This is incredible. I hoped to find info on finding a hard-copy, or info on whether this concert series was immortalized elsewhere. Any updates on that? Many thanks for sharing this.

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