One of the challenges of recounting history in a documentary film is locating archival material. And a film about the story of Jazz, in India, requires authentic archival audio.  Its a constant search , that turns up resources from the most unexpected places..and this post is about an amazing find..the basement tapes ! ..this time from Bombay, via Canada, and not from  Woodstock !

Heres the story..About a year and a half ago, we learned about some old reel tapes that had languished in a basement in Canada, transported there from India by the sister of a well known Bombay musician of the past..They finally go to us, in bad shape, contents unknown, and frankly in danger that old magnetic tape would fall apart..The reels had all the danger signs, cracking surfaces, stretched , and print through (when audio leaks through the layers of tape). Regardless , we finally found an machine that could play this, thanks to our friends at the Institute of Jazz Studies and carefully sampled a few  minutes from each…. WOW..what was in our hands was the only known recording of the Micky Correa Big Band..swinging away, live,  at his very last performance …the farewell concert , Taj Mahal Hotel, 1962 !

It was too dangerous to run the entire tapes..what was most important was that they be transferred.. so it was determined that they be sent to a specialty shop,  where they could be transferred off they went to a specialty shop in Ohio that pulled off as much audio as possible from the two reels that were playable.

A six minute test edit captures part of this story …


And there you have it .. the Basement Tapes..a wonderful piece of archival history, portions of which will feature in our film…thanks to the Correa family.


The talented Mr. Bockelman !

Thanks to the supremely patient and talented Matt Bockelman, filmmaker, cinematographer and sound engineer-in-one we were able to film at

The Institute of Jazz Studies

and additional footage in Brooklyn.

We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to have Matt find time for us (at short notice , less than 24 hours in one case!) and add his talents to that of Mukul Kishore and Suresh Rajamani …His footage will greatly enhance the film !

We met Matt through Sunil at Chrysalis Films, Mumbai..where Matt worked on his documentary about an extraordinary community in Ahmedabad that kept the peace while communal riots raged around them..

Check out Matt’s website