More Leslie Godinho drum magic

Ashwin and Sarita Panemangalore suggest this clip from Teesri Manzil as a great example of Leslie Godinho influence on Bollywood.  His drum solo is the right at the beginning.  Also check out the  nice tone of Manohari Singh’s sax at 3:09 , right after Helen in Flamenco mode !…  Was it the opening sequence that suggested the title for Greg Booth’s recent book, Behind the Curtain ? Click the link to see some video clips by Greg and Sunil Shanbag.

Ashwin says: ”  Chic Chocolate, the Gomes brothers, George Fernandes. the Monseratte brothers, the Lord family, Goody, Manohari, Sebastian and scores of violinists whose unmatched sounds continue to be heard fifty years later in households and concert halls where old hindi film music is still revered.Sadly, few know who created that magic”

Thanks Ashwin and Sarita.

5 thoughts on “More Leslie Godinho drum magic

  1. please send me information about manoharisingh,gonsalvis lord family sabastian and web sites of these contributers bihind the the music directors who contributeted a lot to their sucess. they are really unsung heros. drums in the songs of teesri manzil was fantastic and trend setting.
    waiting for information.

    • Hi there,
      The Drum solos what you hear at the beginning of the song were played by Late Lesllie Godniho, a terrific drummer and his legacy is carried by his son Lester.

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