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We recd some photos courtesy of Sandra Carney, in Raleigh , N.C.,
Her Mother grew up in Mhow and remembers jazz bands playing there in the late 20;s and early 30’s.. Her photographs are circa 1930

This is an interesting photo that could be an early jazz band in India. Its a beautiful image and is one the earliest photos of what is possibly a jazz band in India.. Banjos featured in early jazz bands of the time, as they were louder than guitars and provided the pulsing rhythm that got people on the dance floor. It looks like the banjo in this photo is a six string banjo which was the instrument of early jazz. There is a tenor player at the back..And the simple drum kit is very typical of early jazz “traps” , a bass drum, a snare , a cymbal, woodblock, and a triangle.

Says Sandra: ” Here is the little that I have – my Mum is very old (87) and she could not remember much to tell me and said she has no more photos, but she will ask her friends if they have any.

Her family were very musical – had 2 pianos in the house and all the children 4 boys and 2 girls could play instruments.
The boys played in bands around N. India (Railway) and at the Railway Institute in Mhow, for the dances in the 1930’s & 40’s.

– as you look at the picture.
2nd from L. holding violin is Hadyn White (Mum’s eldest brother) – he also played the piano.
2nd from R. holding mandolin is Clarence White (Mum’s brother 3rd in line).
Lady in middle is Mrs. Jones – her husband is one of the other men. Mum could not tell which one.

This was in Bandiree (sp) BB&CI -”

Thanks Sandra