Eulogy for the Music ?

One of the most gratifying outcomes from our preview screenings and focus groups  for our documentary film – Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India is the post viewing discussion. Its fascinating to hear how people react to the story, align with characters, and connect with the larger issues that the film attempts to communicate. It makes it all worthwhile..

We are frequently  asked “Is Jazz Alive in India? Is there a future for Jazz in the big cities of Bombay and Calcutta or Bangalore?   Is there hope for young musicians ?”

We often choose to answer this with a rhetorical response that results in more discussion…and now we have chanced upon this message from a professional musician in Mumbai …Read and decide…. Continue reading


Righteous !… but Bittersweet ?


On Friday evening , the 14th of October 2011,  the Carlton Kitto Jazz Ensemble will open a three day international jazz event in Bombay ….Carlton’s set will be followed by Jon Faddis. The next two days feature Steve Turre, the Cedar Walton Trio, and Louis Hayes and the Cannonball Legacy .

Great stuff, and its truly righteous that our friend Carlton Kitto has been finally recognized by the local jazz cogniscenti .. its just marvellous to read the listing on their website:

Carlton Kitto is a legendary figure in jazz from India. When he was band leader at Blue Fox on Park Street, Kolkatta, for about 12 years (before which Louiz Banks was the leader and Carlton played in his band), he jammed with all visiting jazz musicians from different corners of the world, including people like Steve Turre, Kenny Baron, Chico Freeman and others and their response to his knowledge of his guitar and his fluency and familiarity with bebop in particular, was remarkable. He remains a purist and will only play music pieces the way they were composed, adhering to stylistic  traditions.

For this talented and dedicated professional who has survived by eking out a meagre living in Calcutta, and has been passed by and indeed ignored by  the grand pooh-bahs of Jazz in India , this is an amazing honor and recognition …long, long, overdue …

Regardless of the fact that we cant help wondering  whether our film has played some small part in this (rewind to June 2009 in India, in conversation with one of the grand poo-bahs: “carlton who ?”) we are simply delighted, turning cartwheels and standing on our head while applauding the team at the NCPA that made this singular honor occur. Join us in a well-deserved round of applause for the committee that helped make this happen…well done !

Yes, this is indeed righteous ..So what’s the bittersweet angle to this post ? Continue reading

Film Review – On Jazz Lives

Jazz Lives  is written by Michael Steinman..who lives and breathes jazz, and with it all its arcana, detail and the intricacies and nuances of its history. If you want to talk Jazz, talk to Michael !

Here is the Jazz Lives review of the film …thanks !!


I’ve written a few lines about Susheel Kurien’s new documentary, but last week, the Beloved and I saw a rough cut of it at DCTV in downtown New York City.  I am delighted to be able to write that “FINDING CARLTON: UNCOVERING THE STORY OF JAZZ IN INDIA” is a deeply rewarding film.

Even people who are not terribly interested in jazz in the intricate ways some of us are will also find much to admire in the portraits captured in it.  And the jazz-fanciers in the audience sat up, enthralled, throughout it.

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Thank you – Sean Jacobs- Africa is a Country

We are most delighted that the story of this Film is finding a community of interest…all over the world..

Here is Sean Jacobs’ post on the Africa is a Country blog

Thank youSean
Please click here to read his blog post Indian Jazz,  and we reproduce the text below Continue reading

Thank you – Jazz Wax

The internet rankings maintained by Invesp at Blog Rank tell us that Jazz Wax  is the #1 ranked jazz blog on the internet …and it certainly is well deserved..with a daily indepth blog post that goes well beyond its masthead statement  

“Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings”

Marc is passionate about Jazz and his posts are a treasure trove into Jazz then, Jazz now, and indeed Jazz tomorrow.  Simply type in a Jazz related keyword into the search box on Jazz Wax…, about a person, a recording, an event and the results will blow you away.  Invariably, the result will include some fine visuals, as well as audio, in addition to Marc’s insightful and astute commentary.

What manner of man is this? Can one truly understand the depth of his passion ?  How has he advantaged the power of digital media to tell his jazz story ?  And where do his stories come from ?  For all this and more ..see Continue reading