About Blue Rhythm



Sometime towards the end of 2008, I realized that there was a time when a small but passionately serious jazz culture existed in India. As I delved into researching the people and events of that culture, it became apparent that was a story of Jazz in India.My search for this story  rapidly turned into a viral circle of supportive email connected wellwishers…, and unearthed a band of listeners, musicians, die-hard afficianodos, and indeed experts who willingly shared their experiences and memories. This has led to the making of a pilot for a documentary film which is now under way in the summer of 2009. This blog captures many of those memories and also relates the progress of this film.

To learn why this blog is named Blue Rhythm see The Story of  Blue Rhythm

For Information about this film, contact

Susheel Kurien – Half Diminished Productions, 140 E 56th St , Suite 2D, New York, NY 10022   Tel: +1 212 350 9398



Sunil Shanbag – Chrysalis Films,

23, Saraswati Road
Santa Cruz (W)
Mumbai 400054
Phone: +91 2226601181
Fax: + 91 2226600588
Email: chrysalis@vsnl.net

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