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The internet rankings maintained by Invesp at Blog Rank tell us that Jazz Wax  is the #1 ranked jazz blog on the internet …and it certainly is well deserved..with a daily indepth blog post that goes well beyond its masthead statement  

“Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings”

Marc is passionate about Jazz and his posts are a treasure trove into Jazz then, Jazz now, and indeed Jazz tomorrow.  Simply type in a Jazz related keyword into the search box on Jazz Wax…, about a person, a recording, an event and the results will blow you away.  Invariably, the result will include some fine visuals, as well as audio, in addition to Marc’s insightful and astute commentary.

What manner of man is this? Can one truly understand the depth of his passion ?  How has he advantaged the power of digital media to tell his jazz story ?  And where do his stories come from ?  For all this and more ..see

If you have never checked out Jazz Wax, now is the time..better still click on subscribe, to get your medically  recommended daily dose of  jazz.

Marc has kind words for our film:

Finding Carlton is at once illuminating and captivating. Through sterling direction and story-telling, the film manages to preserve Indian jazz culture while also informing even the wisest jazz fan about the music’s migration from American to Europe and to India. It’s a story that has escaped most American jazz listeners until now. Through this film, we learn the story of jazz’s development in India, brought to life by passionate, living Indian jazz musicians. But perhaps most remarkable is how all jazz musicians—no matter where they reside on the globe—share the same love and veneration for the music and its originators. In Finding Carlton, you see firsthand how jazz has come to be a transnational language.”                                         —Marc Myers/

Marc carried an announcement about the film on Sunday Oct,02 in his post Sunday Wax bits

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