Louiz Banks part II

Last weeks video was an interesting insight into Louiz, his past and his influences.. In Part II, he talks about “Georgie” Banks and the long lasting influence of Teddy Weatherford.  The move from Calcutta to Bombay and its impacts….And why “Louiz” ?

Watch part II


Louiz Banks Story

Said Louiz of 2009 – “It has been a very good year” ..as it should be, with two grammy nominations – for “Miles From India” and “Floating Point”.  Louiz’ story is fascinating and reflects many generations of musical heritage. Louiz and Lorraine were gracious and generous hosts to us for an all day session of interviews and live music.  I’ve edited a 2 part clip in which Louiz talks about his life and hits the keys.. Due to space restrictions on the server, only part 1 goes up this week.. Look for part 2 next weekend.  And as always, share your comments and reactions.

Happy Birthday – Micky C

While in Bombay, thanks to Christine Correa , we were able to spend a morning with Micky Correa.  As the resident band leader at the Taj Hotel for 21 years..from the 1940’s through the ’60’s , he  is a living repository of the era of Big Bands in Bombay.  Micky memories include sessions with the diaspora of American jazz men who were featured at the Taj. Micky is among the last of band leaders from that era and has the distinction of being the  first Indian bandleader at the Taj.  Men and women mentored and groomed in Mickey’s swing and lounge bands went on to lead bands of their own and/or earn handsome livings in Bollywood, including Chic Chocolate, Johnny Baptiste, Lucille Pacheco and others.

Micky Correa turned 96 last week..would you believe it !  and although he has not been able to play his baritone sax  in many years, he can still pound out a tune on his piano. Happy Birthday Micky !