Berlin finds Carlton !! HKW WASSERMUSIK 2015

Richly driven by the musical diaspora  July 18th

Finding Carlton is honored to screen at this massive summer event in beautiful Berlin..and at an amazing event: Wassermusik 2015 

its an architecturally rich location..

The full program is quite amazing and reflects masterful and thoughtful curation.. “India is everywhere”  CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO LEARN MORE  CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE
Telling the story of India through music and film is challenging ; it is a broad and disparate arc that spans centuries..resonance, dissonance, assimilation, emigration and transference…..and it always speaks to the cultural and social context.. music and film that speak to the past, present and future.

We are honored to be screened by HKW ..the Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Wassermusik respects history and the past and captures the vibrant present through its choices of music and film events !

Click here for the full program:


And there will be many stories that will be told, in music, in film and other forms.. For those interested in the story of Jazz in India.. there is a nuance that many do not know..its the story of the sound of Bollywood.. and its close links to Jazz.. and for those who know their jazz.. theres plenty of musical references to Jazz standards that will bring a smile when seen and heard in the context of a Bollywood film !

HKW sceenJazz aficionado and film maker Susheel Kurien talks about the path of jazz to India

Here is the trailer for the music events !


UN committee passes resolution – Jazz is the 7th official language

Full length video transcript of UN Finding Carlton , goto 07:30 for India’s Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, and 19:50 for US Ambassador Rosemary Di Carlo’s comments, your filmmaker at 24:20 , Ambassador Ulibarri seconds the motion at 33:45 and Grace Kelly speaks sax at 42:00

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