Video Clip from the Film- An Ellington Story (without the Duke!)

The Ellington band toured India in 1963 ..and their sound was heard by thousands of Indians..Among them a young guitarist in Madras (now Chennai).. In this video, Carlton tells the story of how he met Ellington.

The Ellington band arrived in India on September 21, 1963..After concerts in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, the band arrived in Madras on Saturday 6th, October . On Sunday , the 7th ,the played at the Music Academy Auditorium, Madras.  Ellington however was not with the band, he had taken ill in New Delhi, and stayed there recovering, while the band continued its tour.. So who was it who spoke to Carlton ? Billy Strayhorn ?  or Harry Carney , the official deputy band leader ? (Strayhorn filled the Duke’s spot at the piano) ..Our opinion is that it was probably Carney, who as deputy, would have the authority to allow Carlton to sit in on the rehearsal.

We dont know for sure, but in Carlton’s memory was the Duke..and so it shall be for the purposes of this story !

The Indian Express, Madras , October 1963, accurately reported “ELLINGTONIANS STORM MADRAS” …and here is the review and some details of the band’s schedule Continue reading


THE QUIZ – More Jazz and Bollywood

The story of Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of JAzz in India – illuminates the linkage between jazz and Bollywood.. of course Bollywood borrowed freely from other Western sources, and continues to do so even today – We love it..Jazz is alive … well , in Bollywood

We came across a terrific blogsite that works diligently to “keep the music honest” and details hundreds of “straight lifts and inspired by’s” that show up in India’s vast trove of commercial films, and even a few “super hit” commercials..and we respect Karthik for his diligence and hard work, in a world where nobody seems to care much about respecting source material anymore.

So we thought that the readers of this blog would be upto identifying some of the obvious Jazz Lifts !! take the Blue Rhythm Quiz , listen to these clips , and share your answers on the blog by clicking Leave a Comment,..FIRST THREE TO RESPOND ALL CORRECT – A FINDING CARLTON FILM POSTER

The Saxophone Colossus – A tribute

Two versions, from two rival composers just in case you didnt think you heard what you thought you heard

We have a funny feeling that Satchmo might have liked this, (but where’s the Swing ?!!)

Rosemary Clooney’s lyrics were cross cultural to start with ..

Cab Calloway kept alive in Bollywood- The  chorus is brilliant !! Idli Do, Idli Do !

Inspired by Sidney Bechet  !

Check out the the I Two FF’s blog site

Black Soul of Calcutta and Mussoorie

Nathan Rabe , who blogs as “Ajnabi” -from Melbourne, Victoria..wrote to us:
” What a story. Thank you for sharing it. I have just found your blog and have a passionate interest in music India and Anglo Indians..I am not one but have many friends from Allahabad, Karnataka, Madras etc.
– Ajnabi

We introduced Nathan to our friend Dr. Brad Shope (search this blog for more info about Brad’s contribution to this project) and the rest is on his Washermans Dog blog

The Ajnabi’s blog carried this post …worth the read ..and scroll down to the end of his post for a listen!

Rolling Stone India..

We very much appreciate this article published in Rolling Stone India! What makes it special is that the writer is a dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable jazz fan..and indeed was once an aspiring clarinet player

Just a couple of minor corrections on our part..our Ad world days were a very long time ago..indeed we fled that world, with no regrets the honcho status inaccurate clearly,is not deserved…and as for being a gigging NYC guitarist ..we love the notion…but sadly , again cannot claim that role… although we do get an occasional gig or two, they are usually low key and and our renumeration if dinner and a tip jar !!

So with the corrections in on..Thanks Rolling Stone and Sunil Sampat