THE QUIZ – More Jazz and Bollywood

The story of Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of JAzz in India – illuminates the linkage between jazz and Bollywood.. of course Bollywood borrowed freely from other Western sources, and continues to do so even today – We love it..Jazz is alive … well , in Bollywood

We came across a terrific blogsite that works diligently to “keep the music honest” and details hundreds of “straight lifts and inspired by’s” that show up in India’s vast trove of commercial films, and even a few “super hit” commercials..and we respect Karthik for his diligence and hard work, in a world where nobody seems to care much about respecting source material anymore.

So we thought that the readers of this blog would be upto identifying some of the obvious Jazz Lifts !! take the Blue Rhythm Quiz , listen to these clips , and share your answers on the blog by clicking Leave a Comment,..FIRST THREE TO RESPOND ALL CORRECT – A FINDING CARLTON FILM POSTER

The Saxophone Colossus – A tribute

Two versions, from two rival composers just in case you didnt think you heard what you thought you heard

We have a funny feeling that Satchmo might have liked this, (but where’s the Swing ?!!)

Rosemary Clooney’s lyrics were cross cultural to start with ..

Cab Calloway kept alive in Bollywood- The  chorus is brilliant !! Idli Do, Idli Do !

Inspired by Sidney Bechet  !

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Who Brought Jazz to India – Part III

Thanks for the feedback on this series featuring the work of Dr. Brad Shope , Texas A&M..
Part I and II are available here

Who Brought Jazz to India – Part I
Who Brought Jazz to India – Part II

As we conclude with Part III, we recognize , along with Brad, that there are others who have also undertaken a journey of discovery with regard to the origins and history of Jazz in India. This slide from our presentation at the Institute of Jazz Studies lists many contributors who work has helped with the historical background of this film.. Do take a moment to google some of the names, or peruse the blog for references to their work

Here is Part III

Who Brought Jazz to India ? Part II

Thanks for the emails related to the previous post

So for those who are interested , we continue the story told in the Presentation at the Institute of Jazz Studies on Feb 16th…this time through the voice of Dr. Brad Shope, on the faculty at Texas A& M…with visuals and a film clip

Part III, will follow , next week

Manohari Singh _ R.I. P

Thanks to Stanley Pinto …who alerted us that Manohari Singh, master of the Saxophone and one the sweetest sax tones in India, passed away a few days ago,. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to meet with him…

Here is an interview with Manohari Singhi with Ashwin Panemangelore, reproduced with thanks to Ashwin

You can hear his sax on many recordings and in the clips below

Includes a quote from Take Five ?!!

and also on Jazzmine..Shanker-Jaikishan’s fusion essay

The Man Behind the Curtain

In the trailer we glimpsed the dynamic drumming of a man behind the curtain.. from the 1966 Bollywood superhit “Teesri Manzil” (thanks to Nasir Hussain Films Pvt Ltd)..Who was this man ? What is the significance  ? Learn more about this  by clicking the image below !

Click on the image

For more on Leslie Godinho see the post

More Leslie Godinho drum magic

Ashwin and Sarita Panemangalore suggest this clip from Teesri Manzil as a great example of Leslie Godinho influence on Bollywood.  His drum solo is the right at the beginning.  Also check out the  nice tone of Manohari Singh’s sax at 3:09 , right after Helen in Flamenco mode !…  Was it the opening sequence that suggested the title for Greg Booth’s recent book, Behind the Curtain ? Click the link to see some video clips by Greg and Sunil Shanbag.

Ashwin says: ”  Chic Chocolate, the Gomes brothers, George Fernandes. the Monseratte brothers, the Lord family, Goody, Manohari, Sebastian and scores of violinists whose unmatched sounds continue to be heard fifty years later in households and concert halls where old hindi film music is still revered.Sadly, few know who created that magic”

Thanks Ashwin and Sarita.

Tijuana Brass meets Bollywood

We can’t tell the story of jazz in India without recognizing its influence and contribution on Bollywood music..While we research and identify appropriate examples, here is a fun one that goes from Leslie Godinho’s drum solo opening , to 12 bars of horns playing a very traditional early jazz arrangement, to surf guitar (!) that interlaces with the vocal, and then at 1.47 – enter the Tijuana Brass (!) , at 3.10 the horns call and response with the vocal, at 3.50 the Tijuana Brass wander in (yet) again, followed by some Don Sebesky strings (!) at 4.15. Did you catch the flash cut at 0.57 ? That’s Leslie Godinho, the jazz drummer whose drumming and attack drive the whole tune. We are fortunate to have obtained a filmed interview with Leslie.

Click here for the You Tube link :  Jaan Pehchaan Ho

Says Ashwin Panemangalore:  “Shankar Jaikishan with Sebastian arrangements of course.  Completely irreverent stuff and all fun ! So much brass !”