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CBC Radio carried the Finding Carlton story on Dispatches with Rick MacInnes-Rae

Dispatches is CBC Radio’s award winning program – broadcast nationally (CBC Radio One)  on Thursday’s with a repeat on Sunday. It is also carried worldwide by Sirius  on Friday night with a repeat on Sunday night on Sirius satellite radio.

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CBC Radio Dispatches – Finding Carlton

Thank you CBC Radio, Rick and Alison Masemann (producer, Dispatches) for Finding Carlton !



In Memoriam – Micky Correa

Mick Correa R.I.P Sept 22, 2011

We are sorry to report the passing of Micky Correa..He would have turned 98 on Sept 26.    He departed to play in the Great Gig in the Sky today, Sept 22,2011.

Micky’s career was almost legendary..with a longevity that is cherished both by his fans in Bombay , and those who got to know him from visits to the Taj Hotel, Bombay, where he was resident for almost 25 years. His musicianship continued well into his life, with loyal students who continued to seek his teaching through the last months of his life.

Condolences to his family Continue reading

On JAZZ LIVES – Every Picture Tells a Story

Michael Steinman is the archivist and jazz writer behind JAZZ LIVES , recently nominated as one of the Best Jazz Blogs of 2009 by the Jazz Journalists Association. Michael has a lot to be proud of, including a “community of readers it has attracted from Long Island to Istanbul”. JAZZ LIVES consistently shows up in the Top 10 jazz blogs worldwide !

  We thank Michael and JAZZ LIVES for sharing our story, but we owe him and the readers of JAZZ LIVES an apology. To  read JAZZ LIVES just click on the link below http://jazzlives.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/finding-carlton-discovering-jazz-in-india/

It turns out that we were inaccurate in referencing the photo that we sent him (at left) as “Bombay Bands play tribute to Benny Goodman”.

We now learn (thanks to detail from sax playing archivist Nakul Mehta, in Bombay, and our overflowing digital archives) that it was a tribute to Glenn Miller ! …but there was also a tribute event to Benny Goodman…

And because every picture tells a story …here’s the story behind the photo and both those events Continue reading

Bombay and Jazz – A documentary 1992

When we started on this film project we became aware that the BBC had filmed a documentary on jazz in Bombay in 1992..no one that we met in Bombay remembered seeing the video …..so the search was on..

We came across a letter from an H.O. Nazareth , a London based film maker..who appeared to be the filmmaker..the letter referenced Penumbra Films and the BBC as other involved parties.. various attempts to contact the production company directly , including a wild goose chase in London..as well as through the BBC wall of ‘sorry can’t help you, try so and so” turned up nothing..so we put it down in the ” would have, should have, wanted to, didn’t happen’ list…

And this morning, Google in its infinite wisdom turned up a link to part I of the six parts of the documentary – Rhythms of the World – Bombay and Jazz ..In addition to the greats – L. Shankar and Don Cherry …familiar faces showed up..including some friends who participated in our film..(Part 3 – Micky Correa ..and Niranjan Part 4, and also the Sangam band,Braz, Louiz, Ranjit, and in part 5 Sandhya Sanjana)

For whatever reason, its taken many years for this to surface..but its out there and thats all that matters..and makes us wonder whether the fate of jazz documentaries is to roam invisibly across the vaults of production houses (or the BBC?), until some mysterious time, when they appear…

Regardless, we thought it worth sharing this and ..here you go. in six parts ..links to You Tube..a lovely insight from almost 20 years ago !! AND THE MUSIC IS AS FRESH AS EVER…


One of the challenges of recounting history in a documentary film is locating archival material. And a film about the story of Jazz, in India, requires authentic archival audio.  Its a constant search , that turns up resources from the most unexpected places..and this post is about an amazing find..the basement tapes ! ..this time from Bombay, via Canada, and not from  Woodstock !

Heres the story..About a year and a half ago, we learned about some old reel tapes that had languished in a basement in Canada, transported there from India by the sister of a well known Bombay musician of the past..They finally go to us, in bad shape, contents unknown, and frankly in danger that old magnetic tape would fall apart..The reels had all the danger signs, cracking surfaces, stretched , and print through (when audio leaks through the layers of tape). Regardless , we finally found an machine that could play this, thanks to our friends at the Institute of Jazz Studies and carefully sampled a few  minutes from each…. WOW..what was in our hands was the only known recording of the Micky Correa Big Band..swinging away, live,  at his very last performance …the farewell concert , Taj Mahal Hotel, 1962 !

It was too dangerous to run the entire tapes..what was most important was that they be transferred.. so it was determined that they be sent to a specialty shop,  where they could be transferred ..so off they went to a specialty shop in Ohio that pulled off as much audio as possible from the two reels that were playable.

A six minute test edit captures part of this story …


And there you have it .. the Basement Tapes..a wonderful piece of archival history, portions of which will feature in our film…thanks to the Correa family.

The Sultan of Bombay Swing

We were sent this article about Micky Correa ,by Meher Marfatia , an interesting read.. We dont know the source publication and would be happy to acknowledge it..we reproduce it in full , in pdf form below


And as a recap, of previous posts – a clip about Micky

Happy Birthday – Micky C

While in Bombay, thanks to Christine Correa , we were able to spend a morning with Micky Correa.  As the resident band leader at the Taj Hotel for 21 years..from the 1940’s through the ’60’s , he  is a living repository of the era of Big Bands in Bombay.  Micky memories include sessions with the diaspora of American jazz men who were featured at the Taj. Micky is among the last of band leaders from that era and has the distinction of being the  first Indian bandleader at the Taj.  Men and women mentored and groomed in Mickey’s swing and lounge bands went on to lead bands of their own and/or earn handsome livings in Bollywood, including Chic Chocolate, Johnny Baptiste, Lucille Pacheco and others.

Micky Correa turned 96 last week..would you believe it !  and although he has not been able to play his baritone sax  in many years, he can still pound out a tune on his piano. Happy Birthday Micky !