India Screening Updates

We have had some terrific screenings in India –  in Pune, Goa Mumbai and Bangalore.. updates and some feedback – click here for the Facebook Finding Carlton Page

Special thanks to Ashwin Panemangalore, Vicente Costa, Carlton Braganza ,Stanley Pinto and Avijit Mukul Kishore for making these screenings happen..without their efforts and hard work we would not have been able to share our film

And share we did…with new and old friends (and rediscovered old friends) many of whom astonished us by how they had been following the journey of the film ..sometimes right from its inception.. We much much appreciated the response..from a wide audience that included jazz fans,  music lovers, assorted experts on jazz, metal heads, musicians, film buffs, and the just plain curious – (blue) ..

.. Our audiences spanned a wonderful demographic – from teens to the golden years crowd.. and yes many with golden ears- for jazz, for music, and for the joy that it brings when shared in a community.

Every screening was special, with a welcoming and receptive audience, many with wonderful questions, observations and insights into the era, the story and the film.  And indeed we were put to the test by the very astute and intelligent students at Mt. Carmel College, Bangalore !

If there was one highlight screening.. it was the event at Opus , Bangalore.

A fund raiser to benefit the Gina Forever Foundation..and an incredible performance by the Carlton Kitto Bebop Ensemble who flew to Bangalore for this special screening  + performance.

Carlton and the band brought bebop back into Bangalore  with a repertoire that was a tribute to the Book of Bop…and surely would have lit up the even the legendary Five Spot after dark !        For more photos click here on the Gina Forever Facebook Album


We are most grateful and appreciative for the kind words from press and media.. some of which are reproduced below

Thanks NY TIMES – India Ink!

Thank you NY TIMES….India Ink !                                Click on Image for the article

We are most delighted that the voice of our film has been shared globally in this portrait of events and happenings at the United Nations on International Jazz Day!

Thank you for reporting that “Finding Carlton, ..had many moments that showcased how jazz bridged cultures and provided a common language of communication”.

….and since we did not aspire to slick filmmaking with budgets to match..forgive us our technical trespasses and lead us not into slick sanitized post-production..and yes, do deliver us from the evil wherein technical perfection overrides human warmth and the honesty of documentary film making.!

Link to the NY TImes article here

Thank you MediaGlobal

Media Global carried a review of the International Jazz Day Concert.

A truly amazing and once in lifetime event with leading jazz artists in configurations/combinations that may never be repeated.

They were kind enough to recognize Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India!

Click here for the concert review, or on the image at right  SAXOPHONES SOUND FROM THE UN 



We are distinctly honored to receive a review on the SARAJEVO JAZZ FEST website !. ….although, perplexed and quite baffled by how the film made it for review to Sarajevo without leaving New York…Jazz Pirates ? !! Well, that may not be a bad thing…Click on the image for their review

Thanks StarringNYC !!

We are delighted to share this video about Finding Carlton, thank you Sabrina Buckwalter and

Filmmaker Susheel Kurien set out to discover how jazz arrived in India for his documentary, Finding Carlton: Uncovering the story of jazz in India.

What he discovered was far richer and more complex than he expected.
Watch this clip for an overview of the documentary and questions with the filmmaker and vocalist Christine Correa, featured in the film.
For more information on this documentary, please visit:

On the Radio – Thanks CBC Radio !

CBC Radio carried the Finding Carlton story on Dispatches with Rick MacInnes-Rae

Dispatches is CBC Radio’s award winning program – broadcast nationally (CBC Radio One)  on Thursday’s with a repeat on Sunday. It is also carried worldwide by Sirius  on Friday night with a repeat on Sunday night on Sirius satellite radio.

To listen to CBC Radio Dispatches coverage on Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India click on the link or the speaker icon

CBC Radio Dispatches – Finding Carlton

Thank you CBC Radio, Rick and Alison Masemann (producer, Dispatches) for Finding Carlton !


Film Review – On Jazz Lives

Jazz Lives  is written by Michael Steinman..who lives and breathes jazz, and with it all its arcana, detail and the intricacies and nuances of its history. If you want to talk Jazz, talk to Michael !

Here is the Jazz Lives review of the film …thanks !!


I’ve written a few lines about Susheel Kurien’s new documentary, but last week, the Beloved and I saw a rough cut of it at DCTV in downtown New York City.  I am delighted to be able to write that “FINDING CARLTON: UNCOVERING THE STORY OF JAZZ IN INDIA” is a deeply rewarding film.

Even people who are not terribly interested in jazz in the intricate ways some of us are will also find much to admire in the portraits captured in it.  And the jazz-fanciers in the audience sat up, enthralled, throughout it.

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Thank you – Sean Jacobs- Africa is a Country

We are most delighted that the story of this Film is finding a community of interest…all over the world..

Here is Sean Jacobs’ post on the Africa is a Country blog

Thank youSean
Please click here to read his blog post Indian Jazz,  and we reproduce the text below Continue reading