The talented Mr. Bockelman !

Thanks to the supremely patient and talented Matt Bockelman, filmmaker, cinematographer and sound engineer-in-one we were able to film at

The Institute of Jazz Studies

and additional footage in Brooklyn.

We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to have Matt find time for us (at short notice , less than 24 hours in one case!) and add his talents to that of Mukul Kishore and Suresh Rajamani …His footage will greatly enhance the film !

We met Matt through Sunil at Chrysalis Films, Mumbai..where Matt worked on his documentary about an extraordinary community in Ahmedabad that kept the peace while communal riots raged around them..

Check out Matt’s website


1 thought on “The talented Mr. Bockelman !

  1. To Whomever sent this email to me – I really dig your work. High quality, thoughtful. Wish I had a video just like some that I viewed..I am a teacher/performer ( and I’m not dead yet. I have a phenomenal recording engineer husband, film maker/photographer: Paul Wickliffe ( and my daughter; Sarah Wickliffe is a painter, film animator and more ( – I’ll show them your work tonight. Goodluck to you. Don’t have time to see everything..but will later..

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