Our Introduction to Anto

Ajoy Ray in Calcutta introduced me to Anto..Here is the email that he sent:

I just thought of someone still around in Cal who was around heavily in the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s.
Anto Menezes, the vibes player. He’d be able to enlighten us on this area. I used to see him in the ’60s at Mocambo’s on Sunday morning live jazz sessions.. Let me see if I can contact him.

In a live session in the mid – ’70s for our Jazz Club which simply blew our minds was a superb, superb version of “Straight No Chaser” arranged by Louis (who’s this recent ‘z’?) Banks, and played by Braz Gonzalves, Louis himself, Anto on vibes, Bosco Monserate (our own budding Freddie Hubbard) on trumpet, Carlton on guitar, Iggy D’Souza on 2nd tenor sax (a massively leaking one, as Dave Liebman later discovered), Peter Saldhana on bass & Johnny Edmonds (with his Afro) on drums. Wow! I haven’t forgotten, tell Louis.

Thanks Ajoy.

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