Berlin finds Carlton !! HKW WASSERMUSIK 2015

Richly driven by the musical diaspora  July 18th Finding Carlton is honored to screen at this massive summer event in beautiful Berlin..and at an amazing event: Wassermusik 2015  its an architecturally rich location.. The full program is quite amazing and … Continue reading

Education Presentation – Preview

We were delighted  to preview our Education Presentation on Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India at the RIVAA Gallery , December 11,2011. Our groundbreaking documentary film  tells a little known story of the Jazz diaspora.  This … Continue reading

Thank you – Sean Jacobs- Africa is a Country

We are most delighted that the story of this Film is finding a community of interest…all over the world.. Here is Sean Jacobs’ post on the Africa is a Country blog Thank youSean Please click here to read his blog … Continue reading