Festival Cut pre-view screening

On November 4th, we screened our Festival Cut  of Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India , at a private screening at the Producers Club.

Photo by Anita D’Costa

Michael Rogers (the voice of Herb Flemming in the film) introduced the film to our audience of approximately 60 people.  Our audience included some of funders and their guests, and people connected with the film in addition to other invited guests.

We were delighted to have with us Yolande Bavan, who knew many of the characters and events in the film. For those who havent heard her name before..do look it up here , and in the meanwhile watch and listen to her on this link !!

All in all , a terrific evening …

The best judge of the film is its audience, and here are some reactions from our audience:

“I am not a film buff but I must compliment you on the wonderful film so beautifully crafted around Carlton, the Indian Jazz guitarist, to trace the history of Jazz in India from its origins to the current status.”

“Bravo.   The  film you made is very close to the story you set out to tell when you first mentioned your project.
“The story is well told.  I like that you introduced the women in their lives.  Passion is hard to sustain without one’s partner’s dedication and support”
It is evident that the film has been made with great love and respect for the music and the musicians”
It is indeed an excellent documentary which will go far on the festival circuit and with Educational institutes – especially those with emphasis on music.”
“What a treat ..It was so sweet, and very touching. I loved the humor that seemed to run through the entire film also. The visuals were great, the music, the splicing and sequences, you really did a top notch job. So take a bow!”
“I loved it even though Jazz is not my thing..I loved the emotions on the people’s faces as they were interviewed. You captured the enthusiasm, love and inspiration of the music in them and transferred to the viewer”

We sincerely appreciate the compliments and share them with Mukul Avijit Kishore (cinematographer) , Suresh Rajamani (sound recordist) , Matt Bockelman (cinematographer and sound recordist) , Rikhav Desai (editor) , Sruti Visweswaran (music editor), and Robin Shore (sound mix/rerecordist – Silver Sound, NY) ..and all other members of our crew.



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