KEN LEVIS .. Jackie McLean on Mars !!

updated Nov.2 2011 with link to Miles Ahead

Way back in the ’70’s a young sax player turned film student made an important jazz documentary. It has been seen on and off, and occasionally surfaces at jazz events.   In the ’80’s he was selected to edit a historic documentary on Miles Davis..which aired nationally and internationally.

Ken Levis went on win accolades and awards, including seven national Emmy Awards, four Peabody Awards, three duPont-Columbia Awards, and a Writers’ Guild of America Award, among others.

In 2011, Ken learned about our film Finding Carlton – Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India-  and  he found it fascinating.  His support for the film led him to mentor us as we went from rough cut to final…and he remains a good friend of Finding Carlton and a passionate jazz listener.  thank you Ken !

We happened to point our friend Marc Myers to Ken’s documentary on Jackie and its ability to still communicate with relevance and vigor,  even 35 years later !

Marc writes JAZZWAX.COM which  carried this post on Ken.  Marc says, “grab a sandwich, and watch this during your lunchbreak!” We say, yes, but how about a samosa, a kabab, a bourek, a taco, some ramen, a falafel, fish n chips ……you get the idea..Jazz is international …and knows no boundaries

… enjoy Jackie McLean on Mars!

or click on the image below


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