In Memoriam – Micky Correa

Mick Correa R.I.P Sept 22, 2011

We are sorry to report the passing of Micky Correa..He would have turned 98 on Sept 26.    He departed to play in the Great Gig in the Sky today, Sept 22,2011.

Micky’s career was almost legendary..with a longevity that is cherished both by his fans in Bombay , and those who got to know him from visits to the Taj Hotel, Bombay, where he was resident for almost 25 years. His musicianship continued well into his life, with loyal students who continued to seek his teaching through the last months of his life.

Condolences to his family



We were fortunate that we were able to spend time with Micky and have him in our film. At 95, when we filmed our interviews, he was more than eager to play piano for us…and at 97, just short of his 98th birthday , he sang along with familiar tunes at our Bombay preview screening (June 22nd).

Over the past few years this blog has featured him more than a few times, both in writing and in video clips

Here is a list of blog posts where you may read about Micky.

On  Jazz Lives – Every Picture Tells a Story

September 19, 2011 by bluerhythm on Bluerhythm’s Blog

..In this video clip that combines an extract from our film with footage that could not make into our final cut., Micky (now 98 !) reacts to a photo from the concert..then Stanley Pinto , our raconteur, tells us about the period.

4 October 2009 by bluerhythm on Bluerhythm’s Blog
…  to Christine Correa , we were able to spend a morning with Micky Correa.  As the resident band leader at the Taj Hotel for 21 years..from …  a living repository of the era of Big Bands in Bombay.  Micky memories include sessions with the diaspora of American jazz men who were …
25 April 2011 by bluerhythm on Bluerhythm’s Blog
…  was in our hands was the only known recording of the Micky Correa Big Band..swinging away, live,  at his very last performance …
28 April 2010 by bluerhythm on Bluerhythm’s Blog
…  materials from Dr. Brad Shope, the personal collection of Micky Correa and others. Their is a tremendous amount of archival material from …
19 July 2010 by bluerhythm on Bluerhythm’s Blog
…  were sent this article about Micky Correa ,by Meher Marfatia , an interesting read.. We dont know the …

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Micky Correa

  1. Micky was my piano teacher way back in 1986. He was the one teacher I remembered in a line of many. Sometimes we never played the piano, we just spoke about music…..either ways you left the session feeling motivated and inspired to give your instrument the best you could. The true hallmark of a great teacher, extraordinary musician and above all..a wonderful human being.
    Rest in Peace.
    Zubin Balaporia

  2. Gosh! I just sat down to share the loss with you after reading the morning’s paper. And find you from across the seas, beat me to it.
    I met Mickey after ages at the preview of “Finding Carlton” and shared a few moments reminiscing about the jam sessions of old and the great jazz-n-jive music on Sunday mornings.
    I can still see him with his black hair sleeked back (long before the gel generation, always immaculately turned out and blowing away at his reeds with a love for everything he played.
    May he rest in eternal music.

    Farrokh Mehta

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