FEEDBACK – An Article about the Film

The Indian Express was kind enough to carry an article about the film in both their Delhi and Mumbai editions..We much appreciate their point of view, and genuinely thank them for all their efforts including a very detailed read of our blog and various websites…most importantly we thank them for recognizing the spirit of the film and its focus..and it is very respectful of the musicians involved.

..But we can’t help wishing that their fact checking department stuck with the facts! ..Its nice to be called a professional filmmaker, gain a few more years, to hear that Carlton played with Monk (!) and to learn that we studied with Warren Pinckney in 1981!
While we are at it, can we also lose a few pounds ? 🙂


From the Finding Carlton Team :  Many thanks Georgina and the Indian Express for your kind words and generous appreciation of this effort..!!

Correction: Carlton Kitto did not play with Monk or Dizzy…He did in fact sit in with and/or accompany Charlie Byrd, Larry Coryell, Stan Getz, Dr, Billy Taylor, and the Ellington Band, among others

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