Early Reactions – to preview screenings

We recently screened our work in progress rough cut to invited guests in Bombay and Calcutta..Here are some early reactions and comments

“it was a very sensitive and well written, visualized and conceptualized story about jazz as it was and is…in India….thoroughly enjoyable….
I am so happy that the 3rd generation of aspiring jazz musicians of future India saw the film and got blown by what they saw…it was very inspiring for them ..I hope I get to see your film sometime in the near future……”—-LB
“Thank you for that wonderful trek through history – for me it was a lovely account of the times, not just jazz. [I have these photographs of my parents engagement/wedding in 1959, beautiful women in waisted dresses and very clean shaven men (did they wax their chins or what!), sitting, drinking, dancing – a sax peeping out of a frame. You put all these black & white memories to music last evening, thank you.]

Carlton was a lovely storyteller, he has the smile of a 6 year old, that’s what probably kept him in Calcutta. When your smile grows up, it’s time to leave. Your docu was sensitive, even compassionate,” –MA

“Lovely film Susheel, really lovely, My 19 year old daughter enjoyed it too, so that’s suggest an appeal outside of jazz” —FK

It’s easy to make a straightforward documentary. What you used was in fact a great hook — Carlton. You told the story mostly through a musician who has straddled the generations.
My regret now is I never met Carlton who turns out to be a great guitarist plus a most interesting personality.
You allowed the individuals and the locations to speak for themselves and never seemed to impose your own ideas. That is commendable indeed.If I have one negative to share, it is that there was greater emphasis on a decaying and poor Calcutta than necessary.
By the way, I just loved the drummer with Carlton. —-FM

“It was a rare morning today as your film unfolded the past linked to our own growth period. Finding Carlton has a lot of parallels with The Buenos Vista Social club. Carlton reminded me of the unique characters from Cuba and I realised suddenly how many similarities there were- the loss of music, musicians, our priorities – after 1978-79. I had no idea that Jazz started in India in the 1920’s! As we move on, consolidating our losses, your film floods my heart with the nostalgia. The metamorphoses into Bollywood was amazing. Every person in the film was special and today was special to watch it ” –AL

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