In the early 50’s Jazz in India was largely ‘stuck’ in a time warp..the big bands  may have been replaced by smaller combo’s ..but what they played was “swing thing’..however a few musicians and fans had their ears tuned to new sounds that were coming in ..faster tempo’s,  rhythmic accents and counterpoints , improvisation over extended chords , and most of all re-harmonization and melodic invention at a whole new level..

In this video, a jazz fan recalls how he came upon the New Sound


3 thoughts on “THE NEW SOUND

  1. The Jazz community owes a great debt to Niranjan’s tireless devotion to Jazz. Right till the end, inspite of illness and earlier on inspite of many obstacles he set up the Jazz Yatras and introduced Jazz to a wider audience in India. My humble gratitude to a pioneer in Jazz music.

  2. Niranjan was my mentor and friend. I was one of the singers that he invited to India to participate in his Jazz India Vocal Institute. The vision that he had to provide a new path for singers has been revolutionary for my work and life. He was a remarkable man with an astonishing life force and I miss him so much. My song, “Pont Neuf Blues” is for him. The memory of his mirth and love of music and life in general are a touchstone for me.

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