JAZZ NOIRE ? A Jazz tale from Bombay!

We are back after a self imposed break ….and now ramping up on activities in preparation to finish the film.. …and ‘luck by chance’ TEHELKA magazine published this nice little tale that speaks of a time past
, tinged with a sadness of a long lost age when musicians in Bombay could say they were “jazzmen”…and a requiem for those men and women that made Bombay swing….and yes, with names and places that will surely evoke memories for the hardcore Bombay jazz fans

Click here to read ABRIANI’S SIX by ATUL SABHARWAL.from TEHELKA’s PULP & NOIRE Special

Atul’s cast of characters include a member of Duke Ellington’s band, and some less familiar but well respected names, including including Chic Chocolate, Leslie Godinho , Anibal Castro… and yes, can anyone tell us more about Shirley Myers !!

6 thoughts on “JAZZ NOIRE ? A Jazz tale from Bombay!

    • Is Shirley still in Poona? I know David passed away. I am married to her great nephew. We wanted to contact her.

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