From Perth, via Calcutta – guitar jazz and archival photos !

With permission from Arthur Gracias, a pioneering and respected Calcutta jazzman, now settled in Perth..Arthur was one of the earliest jazz musicians in India to seriously study Indian Classical music.. he was ahead of his time..Arthur left Calcutta for Perth about seven years ago. He currently performs and teaches in Australia.

“I have attached a few photographs of the 60’s performing at the Grand Hotel( Scherazade)
left standing is Lenny D’souza (drums) Michael Dias, Alto Sax and Clarinet,Hector Cranenburg, Double Bass, Arthur Gracias, Guitar, Felix Torcato, Piano. we used to play Bebop,Swing etc. (Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Wes Montgomery, Ramsey Lewis etc.)

(2) performance at Prince’s (Grand Hotel) .Sonny Lobo (piano)Rubin Robeiro (jazz vocalist) Jimmy Sam’s (Trumpet/violin) Michael Dias, (Tenor/Alto Saxes/Clarinet/violin) Bostio Fernandes, Bouble Bass, (sitting left) Lester Rozario,( Drums) Arthur Gracias, Guitar. Custod Silveira, Tenor/Alto saxes/clarinet/violin. During the period we used to perform Big band jazz such as Duke Ellington, Count basie, night and Classical music for the lunch sessions everyday, Sonny used to import the orchestrations from the Uk.and USA.

Charlie Smith ’65 etc { Who was Charlie Smith ?, does anyone know ? }

In 1972 I performed the first Indo jazz concert with the Great Tabla player Ustad Nanku Maharaj,Dulal Lahiri, Indian classical Violin and myself Guitar, at Rabindra Sadan.

Can send you more details, my web page is down presently, however you can google Arthur Gracias Indojazz for more info. I have been residing in Perth W.Australia for seven years but do go back to India every year to perform.I have a lot more photographs, pressreviews,tapes, cd’s etc. as the years go by 60s,70s,80s,todate.”

Google Arthur Gracias – Indojazz for information about his current activity..

4 thoughts on “From Perth, via Calcutta – guitar jazz and archival photos !

  1. Hi Susheel,

    I have sent you photographs of the 50’s performances at the ISAIAS with the Amar D’souza Quartet ( a brilliant swing pianist ) and the Keith Monier Quartet at the Golden Slippers . Jazz musicians would jam after hours at these places.


    Arthur Gracias

  2. Amit chos cd in br council Blore mentioned yr name.good to read about u Arthur.Great Eastern Prez Zail Singhs trip sang “Isee Her Face” with yr band.97 left the AF,13 yrs flew offshore, now in blore.regards Kiran Bhatt Wg Cdr

  3. Hey Arthur:
    I was surfing the web and came across you site. Reminded me of the times whe I played at the The Oberoi Grnd, Oberoi Palace and the Oberoi Intercontinental. Those were the good old days.
    I was very glad to hear that you were doing well. Do drop us a line when you have the time. I am now living in Toronto, and have been here in Canad for the past 37 years. Well hav a wonderful day. Cheers

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