Saving our Sound – Thank you R&S Electronics , Mumbai !

A very big thank you to Neil Rodrigues (General Manager , Pulz Audio) and Bharat Reddy (Audio expert, Dolby Sound) at R&S Electronics, Mumbai !

We realized that we had a freak audio problem that significantly impacted the quality of our interview with Jehangir Dalal in Mumbai. This is a documentary film, threadbare budget and no re-shoots ! We were stumped for answers and the angst of our brilliant, but now perplexed, sound recordist Suresh Rajamani was too much to bear..

A white knight rode to our rescue in the form of Neil Rodrigues, G.M, Pulz sound, Mumbai who shared his passion for the film and this issue with his colleague, Bharat Reddy, a Dolby sound consultant. Bharat brought in his technical wizardry , cleaned up the troublesome crackle that plagued the recording, and returned to us a clean audio track, and a relieved Suresh !

Thanks Bharat for your wonderful work, much much appreciated.. and Neil a big thank you for being such a friend of this film !

For readers in India, the next time you enjoy world class audio in a cinema theater..remember, the chances are that R&S Electronics have something to do with it, they have with this film!

5 thoughts on “Saving our Sound – Thank you R&S Electronics , Mumbai !

  1. Neil…..great to see friends like you stay true to jazz over the years. Generous with your talent, committed to good sound!

    Viva Bom Patrao

  2. Anita, glad to contribute positively and keep jazz ‘alive’ and ‘happening’ for years to come.

    Deo Bore Karun

  3. Hey Susheel, thank you for all the kind words and deeds, always a pleasure to assist and make this project what it truly deserves – A Bigg Success!!

    Checked out Bharat’s professional wizadry…..

    Here’s what a modest Bharat had to say:

    ” What came to me – A track with a lot of glitches, crackling noise, loads of ambient noise too. Hunch cause, a faulty mic or a faulty recorder??

    Solution – The tracks were imported into Pro-tools, and used X-Crackle(Plug-in) to get rid of the crackles and glitches. Changed the threshold of the signal, as the crackle was a lot at few places.

    To remove the noise used X-Noise(Plug-in).

    I passed this through a very mild EQ as did not want to change the timbre of the soundtrack.

    The result is what you hear now. “

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