Indo Jazz Fusion

We continue to look at the impact of Jazz on India and its influence on Indian musicians.  By the late 70’s various musicians from the West led by Charlie Mariano and other progressives had established far reaching roots in this genre.  “Mahavishnu” John Mclaughlin’s ground breaking work with Shakti is probably the most well known association with Indo Jazz fusion. In these videos we look at the fusing of the jazz culture with Indian music through Indian voices and perspective.

Our thanks to  Niranjan Jhaveri and the Jhaveri family for their participation. We are also deeply indebted to Ranjit Barot and Nirvana Studio for his incredible support for this film project.

Click here for Part 1 of Indo Jazz fusion

Click here for Part II of Indo Jazz fusion

2 thoughts on “Indo Jazz Fusion

  1. Most of the attempts at fusion listed in these articles are sadly isolated local efforts. though well intentioned John Mayer’s work was truly path breaking but was snuffed out by his and Jo Harriot’s untimely death Nobody followed it quite as well..until Shakti resurrected it in the late 70s

    Dr L Subramaniam the med doctor and musicologist firmly grounded in Carnatic made serious studies of western classical music and created a synthesis in an orchestral format He also did it with jazz rock czars Stanley Clarke and George Duke. Subramaniam was extensively interviewed by Downbeat at that time
    See more at
    Rudresh Mahanthappa alto saxophonist from New York has been doing this recently both with North Indian and Carnatic music His record’ Kinsmen’ with South Indian sax player Kadri Gopalnath was voted ten best by Downbeat this year No mean achievement considering the plethora of recorded jazz output
    He has another band going interestingly called called the Indo Pak coalition ( perhaps the only one that works these days !!!) with that excellent Pak American guitarist of note Rex Abbasi with whom his album Apti has received great reviews in several jazz magazines worlwide See more at

  2. Have’nt you heard of the India based fusion group SANGAM and SILK… should check out their stuff ..I think they made a substantial contrubution to Indo-jazz fusion….with SANGAM and SILK jazz becomes an integral part of the fusion mix…..

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