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Thomas , Anto’s son , sent me the following. For those who don’t know, Soli Sorabjee, former Attorney General of India and ardent jazz fan…


Indian jazz scene

The present generation of jazz musicians thrives on electric or bass guitar, synthesizer and drums. Traditional jazz instruments like trumpet, trombone and clarinet are shunned by them because mastering them takes time and involves intensive practice.Vibraphone, made famous by Lionel Hampton, is hardly played by our jazz musicians. An exception was the gifted musician, Anto Menezes, a pianist, composer and performer, who delighted jazz fans by his magical touch on the vibes. Anto played in Delhi in 1982 with the All Star Swing Band which featured greats like Rudy Cotton and Anto’s brother Mosin Menezes. Anto’s performance made that concert unforgettable. Anto rightly described as “an ever-giving soul with a peace-loving heart” passed away in Calcutta last month leaving a void in the Indian jazz world.

But life goes on. The Indian jazz scene has seen the emergence of a brilliant young musician, Madhav Chari. Madhav is a brilliant pianist. His recent performance at the release of his CD, ‘Parisian Thoroughfares’, displayed his complete mastery of the key-board. His sparkling runs on the piano, his solid left hand and the ingenuity of his compositions thrilled jazz fans. Madhav is an extremely knowledgeable jazz musician who keeps abreast of developments in the jazz world and adapts them to his musical style and his remarkable compositions without losing his individuality.

Thomas also sends this:

Thanks Thomas !

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