Joanna Rabiger

Joanna Rabiger has joined our team as an advisor and story consultant.  Working with her suggestions, a  treatment that blends the historical curve with a character driven, human story is under development

Welcome Joanna !


Passionate about the craft of making documentary films, Joanna Rabiger has worked as an editor, researcher, story consultant and associate producer on numerous independent films, several of which have aired on American PBS’s Independent Lens series. Called upon to write treatments, pitches and synopses in her day to day work, Joanna began writing grant proposals for independent filmmakers at their request. She has now authored more than twenty documentary film proposals, of which six have been successfully funded. Joanna is also skilled at writing copy for festival submission, websites and marketing purposes.

In addition to grantwriting she is available for hire as an editor and as an editing & story consultant, with recent credits that include Marcy Garriott’s international festival hit, INSIDE THE CIRCLE and Carnivalesque Films’ groundbreaking film INVISIBLE GIRLFRIEND. She is editor of the PBS Independent Lens documentary GIRL WRESTLER. Joanna is currently assisting director Lucia Duncan in the fine cut editing of her feature documentary, WHALES OF GOLD, which explores the difficulties faced by a small fishing community located in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, Baja, Mexico.

Joanna is able to work remotely with independent filmmakers from all over the US. A native of the UK who has lived and worked in the States since 1999, she currently resides in Ithaca, NY but is more permanently based in Austin, TX. Fluent in French, with a serviceable knowledge of Spanish, she enjoys working on bilingual projects, and is also available for hire as a translator/transcriber (from the French language).

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1 thought on “Joanna Rabiger

  1. I stumbled upon your site and was very intrigued to read the postings. I am a Goan artist (painter) in Montreal, also a clasically trained pianist who is slowly morphing into jazz and playing with a jazz combo at McGill University, learning improvisation at the same time. I find jazz so exciting and liberating. Would love to hook up with other bass players or sax and drums. There are hardly any senior women jazz pianists around, let alone Goans. My claim to fame came when I played on a piano that was for sale in the Salvation Army store in Montreal !! Joanna Rabiger, please check out my website.

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