A Jazz lover from India believes in this project

I am totally overwhelmed and blown away by the generosity and goodwill of a Bombay based jazz man  (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has arranged for a very generous grant to help move this documentary forward.  Thanks to this individual, the Gayatri Education, Research, and Medical Foundation has committed funds to help initiate and complete  some critical next steps, that will be done in India:

– transcribing over 5 hours of interview footage

– moving forward on a website to promote the film

– and most importantly, edit a 5-6 pilot from the hours and hours of footage and over 500 archival photographs.

Words cannot say how I feel about this gift and the conviction behind it. More importantly, it is the recognition that projects such as this one demand not only the attention and interest of supporters , but also  need to be viably funded.  It means a lot to me and makes me proud that the first support for this project has come from India !  Score 1 -0 in favor of Indian jazz fans!

If there is any one out there who thinks they can help round out this first gift with an additional sponsorship or grant, please contact me

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