Tijuana Brass meets Bollywood

We can’t tell the story of jazz in India without recognizing its influence and contribution on Bollywood music..While we research and identify appropriate examples, here is a fun one that goes from Leslie Godinho’s drum solo opening , to 12 bars of horns playing a very traditional early jazz arrangement, to surf guitar (!) that interlaces with the vocal, and then at 1.47 – enter the Tijuana Brass (!) , at 3.10 the horns call and response with the vocal, at 3.50 the Tijuana Brass wander in (yet) again, followed by some Don Sebesky strings (!) at 4.15. Did you catch the flash cut at 0.57 ? That’s Leslie Godinho, the jazz drummer whose drumming and attack drive the whole tune. We are fortunate to have obtained a filmed interview with Leslie.

Click here for the You Tube link :  Jaan Pehchaan Ho

Says Ashwin Panemangalore:  “Shankar Jaikishan with Sebastian arrangements of course.  Completely irreverent stuff and all fun ! So much brass !”

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