Feedback from the Update

I hope you dont mind my sharing this with those who may care. if for soem reason you would like your feedback removed, please let me know , and I will comply
i leave for la tomorrow through sun.
played funeral today for larry lucie-great guitarist 101 yrs.
look forward to hearing more from you

I’m very happy it’s turned out so well, so far, Susheel. You have scores of people waiting to see the finished product. And I look forward very much to meeting you, whenever that happens.

I am copying this message and therefore yours, below, to my friend Anil Ranadive of Berkeley Calif, than whom there is simply no more rabid jazz fan in the whole world, caste and creed and age and gender no bar.

Good luck and all the best – Stanley

Hi, all!

Great to hear from you and relive those fun days. It was a pleasure to be part of this project and, if wishes could drive it, the docufilm would not only be made but would make it to the Oscars! For now, here’s to the pilot. Cheers n stay in touch.



I realized that in this scenario a deserving family of four brothers ( Monserrates) are left out My fault I didnt tell you earlier
They are the Moserrate brothers Ronnie – piano,Joe – trumpet, Bosco and Blasco- trombones Ronnie lives in the far suburbs of Bombay ( Vasai?) I heard the others stay in Nasik but am not sure
Anibal Castro and Johnny Fernandes are Bombay based Anibal is in Juhu and Johnny in Bandra Naresh will have their and the Monserrate whereabouts
They are all class jazz musicians
I guess you couldnt you get to Braz

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